<![CDATA[ Weight Loss Calculator - Weight loss journey]]>Sun, 15 Nov 2015 12:17:04 -0800Weebly<![CDATA[Body fat and body fat percentage chart to calculate]]>Sun, 15 Nov 2015 20:14:02 GMThttp://calculateyourweightloss.weebly.com/weight-loss-journey/body-fat-and-body-fat-percentage-chart-to-calculateAre you interested in what percentage of our body is composed of fat, how much would you be able to see your abdominal muscles, what is your ideal weight? The percentage of fat in the body that answers to these questions. This time, a little less on words and more on numbers.
The percentage of fat in females is slightly higher than for men. A man with a 15% fat do not love rings at the waist, with 13% fat are visible ribs, if you raise your hands, with 10% is clearly visible abdominal muscles.

Women should be added 7% fat at the same level of obesity. Ideal fat percentage in males is 12% to 13% in women and from 20% to 22%. This percentage should be maintained throughout life.

Essentially the percentage of fat is necessary for survival, 3% of men and 12% women, this is not recommended even closer.
Refer to body fat percentage chart.

There are several methods of measuring body fat. The simplest to use and relatively accurate method of measurement using a sensor skin folds. This allows you to measure skin fold on the back, on the biceps, to triceps and abdomen. The results add up from the table and read the percentage of fat. Thus obtained sound data.
Refer to body fat percentage chart.

If you do not gauge the fold of skin, body fat assessment may be obtained from the table below to calculate the percentage of body fat add the constants A and B, and of this amount, deduct the constant C.
Refer to body fat percentage chart.

A woman with a volume of hips 90 cm (A = 40.76), with the volume of the abdomen 70 cm (B = 19.42) and with a height of 170 cm (C = 40.77) holds about 19.41% fat, as mentioned above, the ideal body fat percentage in women from 20% to 22%. If you want the perfect physique you with a proper diet and regular exercise Strive to achieve this fat percentage.
If you do not know how, give us a call and arrange for a free inspection and advice.

Refer to body fat percentage chart.
<![CDATA[Dieting or just following the herd?]]>Sun, 15 Nov 2015 20:07:13 GMThttp://calculateyourweightloss.weebly.com/weight-loss-journey/dieting-or-just-following-the-herdWhat are you after?
First think about it whether it is even necessary to lose a few pounds? Healthy Weight is not a number. If you are a woman, 165 cm high, your healthy weight from 51 to 68 pounds, all of this is within normal range. An important indicator is the body mass index (BMI) which is calculated by dividing the weight divided by the square of height (BMI = kg / cm2). As alarming value of BMI is defined, as far as this more than 30 serious health problems predicts BMI above 40th. BMI is closely related to body fat percentage chart.

Body fat percentage
A body fat percentage chart is a good indication of overall health, let alone your body fat percentage.

BMI is a useful measure for your abdomen (not the sides) size. This was a reliable predictor of heart problems and problems with blood vessels, stroke and premature death. If waist circumference share with height (eg. 90/160 = 0.56) equals (or is greater) than 0.5 then this is a sign of alarm, for over 50 years, the critical limit is 0.6.

This is why it is critical to assess your body fat with body fat percentage calculator. Always use a good body fat percentage calculator and chart as this will help you later on life.

In addition to ascertaining whether and to what extent we are overweight, it is good to know how many calories you need in a state of complete standstill when we do not do anything. This is called the basal metabolic rate. For women this is from 1,000 to 1,200 calories for men and 1,200 to 1,600 calories per day. To this quantity increased by the number of calories you need for some form of work and give the total amount of calories needed. For illustrative purposes only for sedentary work all day need an additional 500 calories, which is obtained by a 80 gram chocolate.

If we find that we are overweight, we consider the causes of the dietary habits of their relationship to food, of the reasons for weight loss and goals we want to achieve. The fact is that every superfluous gram weight difference between consumed and calories burned. If, for example. one day I spend 2,000 calories and 2,000 calories as I take, I can not fatten. Resorting to excuse to gain weight, even though nothing to eat is not helpful. Refer to weight loss calculator for more info.

Any excessive weight (excluding rare hormonal disorder) is the result of wrong eating. It is also true that hormonal disturbances (including insulin) is often the result of improper nutrition and after the transition to healthy eating disappear. If you decide to healthy eating, we will have good health and proper weight if we decide to poor diet will temporarily lose kilos, but we risked the loss of health.

If we estimate that the dietary habits associated with emotions, addiction to food has some ritual significance, offers a range of safety and comfort it should be sought psychotherapeutic help. If we believe that it is strictly limiting calories (starvation) is the right solution, then let's start with the proper fasting.

Switching to a healthy diet should provide sustained good health after the loss of extra pounds and also permanently preserving lean lines. At the same time we do not need to suffer: in large quantities can be eaten with flavors and colors very rich food.

The proportion of body fat
The proportion of body fat percentage of fat in our body. Our line-up and appearance of the muscles are to a large extent also depends on the percentage of body fat. Therefore, the calculation of the proportion of fat in addition to BMI a good indicator of our physical condition. Too much excess body fat has a negative impact on health and result in obesity. Obesity is the cause for the reduction in life expectancy and the emergence of a range of other health problems, especially heart disease, diabetes and some cancers.

The calculation of the proportion of body fat

In the bottom of the calculator will calculate the percentage of body fat. To calculate using different measurement below is reproduced by the method of the US Army (US Navy Circumference Method). To find exact result of the measure to 0.5 cm accuracy. In calculating select the sex and measurement unit cm. If your percentage of fat is acceptable, see the table below calculation.

Instructions for measuring
Height: height measured without shoes
Neck: Measure the volume of the neck below the larynx
Pas: When men of the navel, women at lowest point
Hips (women): At the widest point

Body Fat Calculator
Man Woman
Centimeter Inc.
Body fat:

Table fat in the body

WOMEN (% fat)

MEN (% fat)

The main proportion of fat


Low percentage of fat


The ideal proportion of fat


Acceptable proportion of fat


Too high a proportion of fat
  1. 32% +
  2. 25% +

With increased age is an acceptable percentage of fat may be greater.

What tells us the percentage of body fat

Standard weighing tells us just how much we currently difficult, what is our common mass. However, this does not find out how much of it we have muscle and how much fat. Therefore, only such weighing is not the best way for health monitoring and appropriate body weight. 100 kg or top amateur athlete can be recognized by the instrument as too fat, but at the same time its share of body fat much smaller, up to 12%, which means that its weight consisting primarily of muscle.

Therefore, in addition to the net weight of a very important percentage of fat in the body, as well as the body mass index. The two meritvijama yield more relevant results. If we have an excessive percentage of fat we have to work on gaining weight. Increased muscle mass is not only better impact on health and physical fitness but also the consumption of calories. More than muscle mass we have, the more energy it consumes, which simply means that you can eat more, but we do not gain weight.

Where is the fat most imposing?

Fat accumulates throughout the body except for some small non-sensitive items. In men, as you've probably noticed more body fat collects in the abdomen. The volume of the abdomen is an indicator of excess weight and the associated risk of bolezni.Žensko most body stores fat in the hips, buttocks and thighs. Therefore, women are less prone to diseases related to obesity than men but after menopause due to hormonal shifts the fat to the waist.

Below the knee
Fat accumulates in the muscles below the knee on the rear side and moves toward the ankle, which is in the obese people like to see.

Armpits has a three-pronged muscles - triceps. If we form the shape of a horse's foot, but if you gain weight is above the accumulating body fat and causing flaccidity.

The back is a place for the accumulation of fat in both sexes, but keeps steady in the upper and lower portions

abdomen, waist
The lateral muscles of the body with the function of rotation of the body. Since fat often accumulates in this part also called "love handles".

Both men and women store fat in the chest. In the case of inactive men it is expressed in weight gain in them. We call them "male boobs".

How to reduce the proportion of body fat?

Percent body fat can be reduced either by weight loss, either by acquiring muscle mass. Prior to this, we must first determine what our calorie consumption of the body and how much we consume daily activities. This data is operated on when we want to lose weight or simply to gain muscle.

In doing so, however, it is not enough to sufficiently low intake of food but also the type. In general, we should avoid too many simple carbs and unhealthy fats. Relish should have more protein and vegetables. By following these guidelines will make our weight loss more effectively, we have taken the health beneficial food and we feel better.

When losing weight, be careful because you can obtain a sufficient workout muscle mass and reduce the proportion of body fat, weight will remain the same. Although you may not be satisfied, however, with this thereby effectively improve their physical fitness and reduce the risk of excessive fat content. Also, do not expect a rapid reduction in the volume of the abdomen as the fat melt evenly in all parts of the body. When you lose weight so you can always notice the difference on your face, arms, legs and other body parts.

<![CDATA[My weight loss journey]]>Sun, 15 Nov 2015 19:59:27 GMThttp://calculateyourweightloss.weebly.com/weight-loss-journey/my-weight-loss-journeyThis wasn't easy

I struggled really hard lately with my weight loss journey. It's not like something I could do about it anyway.
Someone once joked when he said that nothing is easier than giving up smoking - "I've done this a thousand times," he said. Even a lady was witty to say about losing weight "to lose ten pounds is not a problem - I lost weight already five hundred ten pounds!"

What is really difficult is to lose pounds and at the same time not lose health - to become and remain slim. But this is many seem unrealizable dream and practicing new and new noxious diet.

All diets are based on a limited and selective nutrient. Due to the lack of certain nutrients diets are not only nutritionally inadequate, but they are potentially dangerous for health, because impaired immune system, a burden on the cardiovascular system, liver and kidneys.

Hazardous diets are those which are based on the rapid loss of fluid (water). Dialysis patients during the dialysis lose about one kilogram per hour, but there is a loss of water. It is therefore not Practice the diet based on fast (pre) cleaning accelerated discharges, etc.

Especially dangerous protein (protein) diet based on high intake of protein. Our body can not store protein, and therefore constantly excreting all the surplus, which is a heavy burden on the body, especially the kidneys and can be permanently damaged. Adult men need all the necessary calories 2.5% in the form of protein, which is much more than the minimum needs for protein. And if someone recommended to consume 35% of the total calories in the form of protein, it is your enemy.

For more information go to my weight loss page where you can calculate your weight loss plan using a weight loss calculator.